Expect to hear more about the most up-to-date issues for the agricultural sector at this year’s West Country Farming And Machinery Show, which will host a number of seminars on 22 February on topics relevant to farmers and farming today in the South West.

Taking place at Westpoint Arena Exeter, The West Country Farming & Machinery Show will give all attendees a fantastic one-day opportunity to sample and keep up to date with all things farming and farm-related, new products and services and the latest farm machinery from national manufacturers and the region’s top dealers.

The seminars taking place at the event are…

Alternatives to artificial fertiliser (Sponsored byEdwards Agricultural Supplies | Soil Advisory UK)

A look at the products currently available to farmers and what’s coming in the future with speakers from independent research organisations, water companies and commercial outlets producing fertiliser from sewage and other water streams.

Alternative fuels for farm machinery (Sponsored by Gavin Dixon)

Presentations on the viability of new sources of energy with the potential to power agricultural equipment including methane, hydrogen and possibly battery/electric. Speakers from some of the firms developing the technology as well as farmers with first-hand experience of running machines using alternative energy sources.

On-farm energy production (Sponsored by Belltown Power)

A look at the new technologies coming on stream for electricity production and storage. Solar and diesel generators costed alongside grid-sourced power. Battery storage options. Possible speakers to include an energy broker and representatives from suppliers of this new tech.

Road rules and red diesel (Sponsored by Mitchel and Webber)

National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) and HMRC Q&A session providing attendees with the opportunity to clarify the situation regarding agricultural vehicles on the road and new red diesel rules. It’s hoped to also include a police representative to talk about the use of red diesel in farm and contracting situations, as well as road safety.

More about our seminar sponsors

Edwards Agricultural Supplies | Soil Advisory UK

Edwards Agricultural Supplies supply the whole of the UK with their own manufactured EASy range of natural seaweed products, plant growth promoting bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi, suitable for all crops.

The EASy range gives a very competitive alternative to chemical fertilisers,  aiding farmers to improve margins whilst helping the environment.

Gavin Dixon Finance Solutions Ltd

A member of the UK’s leading rural finance brokers. Gavin Dixon Finance Solutions (GDFS) find the right solution to address individual business-to-business finance requirements. It will always work closely with its customers to ensure the best finance product is found to meet your business needs.

Contact number: 01308 480 248.

Belltown Power

Belltown Power is an established clean energy company at the leading edge of project development in the UK.

Founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced renewable energy professionals, they have successfully delivered over 200MW of now operating wind, solar, and hydropower capacity across Scotland, Wales, and England.

They are committed to playing their part in enabling the energy transition and combating the climate emergency. They already have an expanding pipeline of over 1GW of unsubsidised UK wind and solar projects under development and are actively pursuing further opportunities in floating offshore wind and green hydrogen production.

Contact number: +44 (0) 117 303 5217

Email: info@belltownpower.com

Mitchell & Webber

Mitchell & Webber supplies fuel and lubricants to the agricultural sector in Cornwall and Devon. In addition to efficient fuel delivery service, it also supplies and installs a range of oil storage tanks in Cornwall and Devon to meet the latest fuel storage standards and regulations.

The West Country Farming And Machinery Show will be taking place at Westpoint Centre, Exeter on 22 February 2023. Register for your FREE ticket here.