December 5, 2023

Devon Air Ambulance chosen as the official charity for the 2024 West Country Farming & Machinery Show

Devon Air Ambulance chosen as the official charity for the 2024 West Country Farming & Machinery Show

Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) are the chosen charity for the 2024 West Country Farming & Machinery Show, which will take place on Wednesday 21 February at Westpoint, Exeter.

Home to a large agricultural community DAA has said it is all too familiar with the perils of the industry, attending a considerable number of farming incidents year on year, and as such have been selected as the show’s charity for its vital emergency medical service across the county.

The West Country Farming & Machinery Show had a successful first year, with over 2,000 attendees and 90 exhibitors, including farmers, machinery manufacturers and industry experts. The show offers a unique platform for showcasing the latest advancements in farming technology, machinery, and services, and is set to be a huge success yet again.

“We are delighted to be able to engage with our agricultural community at the West Country Farming & Machinery Show 2024,” said DAA Head of Operations, Darren Goodwin. “Our crew of specialist paramedics will be running a 45-minute Farming Injury Prevention Workshop. An interactive presentation, enabling those attending to get hands on with our team to help prevent and treat injuries that often happen in some of the most remote locations across the county.”

By selecting Devon Air Ambulance as the official charity, the West Country Farming & Machinery Show aims to raise awareness and funds to support the vital service, whilst concurrently providing DAA with the opportunity to continue their work of agricultural injury prevention and improving patient outcomes with a workshop from their crew on the day.

“Devon Air Ambulance are a lifeline in Devon for the agricultural community, we hear stories all too regularly of DAA attendance on farms and saving people’s lives from farming incidents, we are proud to support this amazing charity and raise awareness of their work in the community.” added Rhiane Easton, Show Publisher. “On the day there will be a workshop where attendees will learn crucial skills for those first on scene of an incident, this will be an invaluable session to visit.”

Devon is a huge county with two epic coastlines, hundreds of villages and acres of rural wilderness. DAA, with its fleet of helicopters and critical care cars, deliver expert critical care to patients wherever they may be. Devon’s geography can make getting the right emergency treatment to patients challenging and DAA’s highly skilled team of paramedics, doctors, and pilots work tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

The speed with which DAA can reach a patient, identify their time-critical needs and provide their specialist life-saving treatments and interventions to slow, halt or even reverse the effects of a life-threatening condition, is crucial in helping to achieve a successful outcome.

DAA relies on the generous support and donations of the people of Devon, the funds raised during the West Country Farming and Machinery Show will directly contribute to the charity’s critical service and improving patient outcomes across Devon.

The West Country Farming & Machinery Show will take place at Westpoint, Exeter on 21 February 2024. Keep it here for all updated information and make sure you follow us on Facebook.

To learn more about Devon Air Ambulance and how you can support their vital work, please visit


by rachael harper

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